Saturday, December 12, 2015

FOX Hunt - The Unspeakable In Control Of The Ineducable

I am being trolled over this post at Americablog about the unfit to be president Ted Cruz saying that atheists aren't fit to be president.  It's meaningless. It's him throwing meat to the tire biters who he needs to get elected into office and send him money.  It means nothing.  What?  Did anyone believe he wouldn't say something like that if he had the chance?

This is a ritual.  Here's the program, step by step.

1. Fascist says something outrageous on a religious topic insulting atheists, Muslims, etc. 

2. His or her intended audience cheer.

3a. "Secularists'" atheists', liberals'. etc. knees jerk in reflexive outrage, much of it as much for show as the fascist's provocation.  They insult the majority of voters who are Christian if not even more voters on the basis of their universal hatred of religion. 

3b.  In the exact mirror of what Cruz says, lots of "secularists" etc. say that it's Christians who are too stupid and superstitious to ever be president, thus showing that they, as well as Cruz and his bots, have a religious test on who should be allowed to hold office. 

4. The fascist gets what they want, campaign contributions, maybe votes, suffering no ill effects while being able to point to the idiots who insulted even more voters in step 3, thus making even more hay.

5. Repeat the dance of the dunces. 

Tell me that the suckers who fall for what Cruz et al do are the masters of this game so I'll know just how stupid you are.

As I've been pointing out on various blogs since 2006, no one has a right to be president, that being president is a responsibility which only the winner of an election has the PRIVILEGE of assuming. No president has the right to the office, it is a privilege granted by THE PEOPLE.  THE PEOPLE get to decide who ever they are going to vote for on whatever criteria they choose to base their vote on.  That atheists would seem to not have the confidence of enough voters to seriously have a chance at winning the presidency might be unfortunate in some cases.  I'd vote for Barney Frank for president and assumed Barry Commoner might be an atheist when I voted for him .

But, after looking intensively at the literature of atheism, as written by atheists and thinking about, especially, the consequences of materialism for equal rights and the moral obligation to respect those, I'd want to either have a long public record to go on or a real and rational articulation of where an atheist believes those come from and why they are mandatory instead of an optional vestige of Kroptkin's ridiculous attempt to tame natural selection.  Even the neo-Nazis believe that (see Kevin MacDonald)/  That it would be necessary for someone running as an atheist to prove he had a solid basis on which his understanding of those prerequisites are mandatory and absolute before he would get my vote is the doing of atheists.  It is the declarations of atheists, their assertions of science which is biological determinsim that makes those questions entirely responsible ones for anyone who values egalitarian democracy and equal rights.

The only reason I might have hesitations about voting for an atheist who could answer those questions and who could convince me that they would fight for a platform I would support  is that a considerable number of their supporters would probably throw the election so they could indulge themselves in their attention getting offensive Christian bashing.

Update:  Simps is saying that as I said he was unfit to be president that I"m on the same page as Ted Cruz.  If he got Bezos bucks for every time someone lied on his blog, Duncan could stop begging his tiny little commenting community to keep buying stuff so he can get his cut.

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  1. A lot of people are unfit to be President, starting with the remaining roster of candidates for the nomination of the GOP.

    Saying that doesn't make me Ted Cruz. And if I choose to vote for a candidate because he's a Christian, or not to vote for one because she's an atheist, that's my lookout. It isn't a "religious test" imposed by the government, it's my test to decide how to cast my vote.

    And frankly, I can write in the man in the moon, if that's how I choose to vote in an election. Nothing anybody can do about it.

    You're right, Ted Cruz is just getting his supporters all riled up. Donald Trump's supporter think Muslims were celebrating the slaughter in San Bernardino, and they saw it on TeeVee somewhere. Are we gonna stop such delusional people from voting? Shall we reinstitute the literacy tests?