Friday, December 11, 2015

Olivier Messiaen - Twenty Visions Of the Baby Jesus - XII - The All Mighty Word

Markus Bellheim, piano

The identity of Jesus as Christ as The Word is some of the most overt part of the mystic content of the accounts of his life and teachings.  As given in the various places it is said, especially in the John Gospel, it is more than a metaphor, it is actual identity, The Word is conceived of as being the actual being of Jesus Christ.    Whatever else there might be to understand about what that means, one thing is clear, The Word that is to be understood by that is absolute truth, absolute reality.   I used to not understand the first thing about that, it took me the better part of six decades to start to understand it, I'm still, slowly, beginning to see, not how it fits into reality but how it resolved so much about reality.  

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