Thursday, December 10, 2015

Footnote To The Morning Post

Since he has said he was guilty, I will not pretend that there ever was any doubt but that Robert Dear murdered three people and injured more when he shot people in and around the Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado Springs.  I saw some, but not that much, Christian bashing over his declaration in court that he'd done it "for the babies".  That one of those murdered was a woman who, for all he knew, could have been pregnant, it's not especially credible that he was that concerned about embryos or fetuses as much as he was just angry and out of control.  But, as hard as it is to do, taking him at his words that was his motive, it was nothing to do with Christianity.  

I have pointed out that those using this as an occasion to blame Christians, en masse for this kind of violence are, actually, blaming the victims for their own deaths, very possibly blaming many of the injured for their being shot or harmed in some other way.

The first identified murder victim of Robert Dear, officer Garrett Swasey was not only a Christian but a part-time pastor at his church.   Unlike every blog rat I saw using his death as an occasion for Christian bashing, he was responding to a call to stop Dear and to protect people put at risk by his attack.  

We now know that the other murder victims were also Christians.

Jennifer Yurie Ah King Markovsky was an adult convert to Orthodox Christianity,

Father Anthony Karbo of the Holy Theophany Orthodox Church told the congregants that Markovsky had been baptized into the church a few years ago and had taken the name Anastasia, which means "resurrection."

Ke'Arre Stewart was, evidently,  a Baptist, he was buried from the Carver Park Baptist Church in Waco, Texas.

Since the names of the other victims who didn't die of their wounds haven't been named, it isn't possible to find out if they, too, were responsible for their being attacked by Robert Dear because they, as well,  professed a Christianity which they probably followed whereas he didn't.

You wonder why science never gets the blame for its part in producing the weapons a Robert Dear or the Syed Rizwan Farooks and Tashfeen Maliks of the world use to terrorize, injur and murder people. The weapons they used aren't designed and made for anything other than killing people and other living beings.

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