Thursday, September 24, 2015

Leo Brouwer - Sonata De Los Misterios

Edin Karamazov, archlute

Edin Kramazov is a brilliant lute player, probably best known as the lute player on the, um.... ambiguously successful album of songs of John Dowland as sung by Sting.  The issue was Sting's shot voice and his less than impressive grasp of the songs, not the lute.

I don't find any documentation of this sonata by the great, very great, classical guitar composer, Leo Brouwer.  If it was not originally for archlute it certainly should have been.  It is extraordinary.  I'd like to know more about it.   The coughs in the audience have me tearing my hair out.  I'll need to listen enough to ignore those.   If Brouwer can, he should write more for this instrument.

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