Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Prophetic Grief

I got a link in my e-mail yesterday to this really interesting interview with the successor pastor at The Reverend Jeremiah Wright's church in Chicago, The Reverend Otis Moss III.   Which led me to look up the father-son sermon he gave with his father,  The Reverend Otis Moss jr. a Father's Day tradition for them.  It happened this year that the timing led to them giving an extraordinary sermon, Prophetic Grief,  in the wake of the mass murder at the Bible Study at Emanuel AME Church in Charlotte, South Carolina.

It is quite extraordinary and powerful.  I challenge anyone to produce anything out of a religious context which approaches it in meaning.

I hadn't realized till listening to this kind of preaching that giving a sermon is a form of religious art, surpassing drama, surpassing mere narrative story telling, but on a level with the best of religious music, if not higher than it.   This kind of preaching isn't done much among Catholics, Catholics have a lot to learn from it.

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