Wednesday, September 23, 2015

A Quick Lunch Hour Post

I'm looking around the alleged liberal, neo-atheist websites and it's striking how much they're hating on Pope Francis even as they're hating on the Republican-fascists for hating on Pope Francis.   And they're not even sensing any kind of conflict over their weird double dip hating.  I wonder how many of those who are complaining about the crowds and traffic issues would think it was just great if it was some kind of event other than a visit by The Pope causing the feared inconveniences.  I'll bet if it were some rock star they'd think it was groovy. 

We need a new left, the one we have now is brain dead from all the hating on stuff.   I have to say it again, I didn't know just how dysfunctional the "secular" left was until I went online and started reading what they said in large doses.  I used to just get it from reading what of it was put out by The Nation and The Progressive and, to a lesser extent, In These Times.  And when I got those in print, through union-delivered U.S. mail, the insanely counter-productive hate talk was mitigated by more rational voices.  Now it's obvious why the left fell down and will not get up any time in the near future.  Not until the real left rejects the hate-left and lets them stew in their own bile. 

Hatin' on Pope Francis, one of the most popular and most progressive world leaders of the past century, is just plain and complete stupid politics.   There is no American politician of the left who has any chance of doing more good than he does. If you think there is, name them, I'll guarantee you they're not spending time hatin' on Francis. 

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