Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Repentence - Always Topical, Especially Today

Louis Newman talks with Krista Tippett about repentance, about as unfashionable an idea as could be imagined but one that couldn't be more timely, at any time. 

Here's the show transcript.

And here is the uncut discussion which has valuable stuff edited out for radio.

One thing, it's refreshing to hear someone say, "Well, I would say that I grew up here in St. Paul in a family that was very deeply Jewish. My parents were both leaders in the Jewish community in a variety of ways. I grew up in a home in which Jewish affairs and issues of Jewish life were just kind of dinner table conversation all the time. So that was kind of in the air. And then they felt that it was important for me to get a strong Jewish education..."   You don't hear that so much on the American media.  It would seem that real, religious Jews are almost as completely disappeared as liberal Christians.


  1. Oh, boy, I should get a post out of this one. It reminds me of what Noam Chomsky said when Christopher Hitchens announced that he was Jewish, "From antisemite to self-hating Jew in one day". Only you've never been anything but self-adoring.

    I'm sure DAS will be surprised that he's Meir Kahane.

    You are one seriously screwed up ego-maniac. I'm told that you're Heathering out other soon to be former regulars at Duncan's blog. He's remarkably innumerate for an Econ guy, you'd figure he'd realize you and the other Heathers drive away more regulars than you comprise. Must seriously cut into his Bezos Bucks and ad revenue.
    I'd thank you for my getting banned but, as I mentioned, I was only seeing if it had gotten any better after I'd left it for the second time. It hadn't. I should have gone in 2008, the first time I left, it was a waste of time after that. Really, after about 2006.