Sunday, July 5, 2015

Mary Osborne Trio - Blues in Mary's Flat

Mary Osborne - guitar
Sanford Gold - piano
Frenchy Couette - bass

Mary Osborne played with a lot of really great musicians, including Coleman Hawkins, and holding her own with the great Mary Lou Williams in many really great recordings, one of my favorite of those which I've posted before,  Boogie Mysterioso.

Despite what the picture says, that was by Mary Lou Williams' Girl All Stars including Mary Osborne - Guitar, Margie Hyams - vibraphone,  June Rotenberg on bass and I think it's Bridget O'Flynn on drums but am not sure.

I had no idea Mary Osborne sang until I came across this today.

No Moon At All

Can't find the credits, though that's definitely her playing guitar as well. 

Update:  That one was intentional.  You know you missed your calling, you could have probably been an honest secretary instead of a dishonest scribbler. Now, I'm done toying with you and will ignore every lie you choose to tell about me for the rest of the summer, so, go ahead.  See if I care. 

Last Update to a bad date:   I had the vision of you as a fussy English teacher but, then, thought I had far too much respect for fussy English teachers.   You'd never put that much work into anything.

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