Sunday, July 5, 2015

Louis Armstrong Earl Hines - Weather Bird

Update:  1947 Ain't Misbehavin' with his All Stars

The Band: Louis Armstrong, (Tp Voc); Bobby Hackett (Crt); Jack Teagarden (Tb Voc); Peanuts Hucko (Cl); Dick Cary (Pno); Bob Haggart (Bs); Sid Catlett or George Wettling (Dr).

I think it was Miles Davis who said something about no one playing anything in Jazz that Armstrong hadn't played first.  I'll have to look up the quote.   And Davis passed out compliments about as seldom as .... well, no, I'm almost done with playing this game.  Fifth of July, holiday's over.

Update:  Thanks for the heads up on the typo.  Though I'm sure you didn't mean it as help.   You see, I type so many more words for a post than you do and, unlike you, I generally haven't typed them out at least a dozen times before, copying the from other kulcha vultures who said it before I did.

Really, that's the closest you've gotten to the truth in this duel.   Sort of like when Dershowitz caught Chomsky on a truly minor point which changed nothing about the fact that everything else in the debate proved that Chomsky was the one telling the truth and Dersh was Dershing.


  1. "Fifth of July, holiday's over."

    You're so right,. Anthony!

    (Is that kissass enough?)

    1. It will be by the time the Eschatots tell it. We'll be married in Eschatonia by night time.

      And here I aspired to marry for money.

  2. Yeah, I ain't got a dowry no more. Sorry.

    1. To quote Jennifer Marlowe, "Are you richer than you look?"