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Hate Mail - Steve Dershowitz jr. Simels And The Futility of Taking The High Road With Habitual Liars

Steve Simels, blog malignancy  an hour ago

I'll pay Steve Simels ten bucks if he can locate anywhere I've ever 
expressed a negative opinion of Bruce Springsteen. I don't believe I 
ever have,
And I quote: "Rock is what you get when white boys take all the interesting stuff out of the blues."
You've said it a million times, Sparkles, and it was moronic each time. But there was never a Springsteen exception.
Please make out the check to AMERICAN ATHEISTS. Thank you.

1. Obviously he can't come up with an instance in which I've dissed Bruce Springsteen as I never have, making what he said on that count, yesterday, a what?  A lie. 

2.  What I said was about rock and roll, it wasn't about Bruce Springsteen.  As I recently posted links to The Guess Who that proves I can like some rockers without necessarily liking the genre.  I also have linked to The Band and Motown artists as Simels mocked, I suspect because they're insufficiently white-bread and middle class enough for his usual taste.  Or maybe insufficiently tied to the greater NYC area, his hub of the universe, he being at its epicenter.    It's all of, by, for and about HIM in the end.  I think Springsteen is a superior song writer whose performance style is his own choice.  I think a lot of his songs certainly transcend the confines of surfer turned acid dropper rock that was the origin of the brawl.  I would put him in the same category as Bob Dylan and The Band.  

3.  American Atheists will have to do without a sawbuck from me as you and your buddies fail to cohere again.  Really,  that old crook, Maddy Murray O'Hair's operation to swindle the stupid and the uninformed atheist, that's who you support. 

I'm wondering if it's a mistake to try to argue coherently and honestly with habitual liars as that automatically gives them a benefit which they don't reciprocate.  I'm not talking about actual lying - sinking to their level - I mean making the most of their incoherent lapses, playing up ambiguities in what they say, that kind of thing.   I've always said that I saw no reason to allow them to impose a double standard in their favor, lying being one of their primary means of setting up and enjoying that double standard.   Not entirely fixed on a course to use that habit of theirs but I'm thinking about ways to turn it against them other than just pointing out that they are liars.  They don't mind that not thinking it's a sin to tell a lie.

Update:  Now Simels is trying to extend my comment about a genre of pop music, rock and roll as opposed to the blues, to cover anything produced by any boys of European descent, by name.   Really, maybe I should start posting his comments, pure Baron Munchhausen territory.  And remember, he posts this stuff on Duncan Black's Eschaton blog to the adoration of the ever shrinking blog community there.

As to what a nasty, bigoted, sleazy operator the founder of American Atheists, Simels' hero, was, here's just one comment from a fairly honest atheist, Jim Lippard:

user 4873956
Phoenix, AZ
Post #: 297

Too much honesty? That's an erroneous diagnosis. Have you read Bozarth's _The Mouth That Roared_? Have you read Fred Woodworth's _The Atheist Cult_? Have you read Lawrence Wright's _Saints and Sinners_ or his profile of O'Hair in the _Texas Monthly_? Have you spoken with G. Richard Bozarth (who worked at AA HQ), or Anne Gaylor, or Jeff Frankel, or Brian Lynch (who worked at AA HQ), or Judy Sawyer of the Phoenix Skeptics, or the former student members of University Student Atheists at UT Austin, or anyone else abused or lied to by O'Hair? If not, then you have no basis for your judgment.

Here's a letter from Madalyn Murray O'Hair to John Lauritsen (for what it's worth, he's now an HIV-denier kook), kicking him out of the American Atheists:


John Lauritsen,

The California Chapter of Society of Separationists, Inc., has sent me a zerox [sic] copy of your letter dated May Day, 1976.

I would expect this kind of literature to issue from a misogomist [sic]. I am a _female_ head of an American Atheist group. You are a cock-sucker. You like men and boys. You don't like women. We don't have cocks for you to suck.

Also, we are not Marxists as you are.

Form your own group of cock-sucking Atheist Marxists and be happy, kiddo; but don't count on me as an ally.

Madalyn Murray O'Hair


Image of this letter: http://www.discord.or...­

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