Thursday, May 28, 2015

Today In Comment Thread Depravity

It is impressive how you can see how much the would be left blog babblers disapprove of the rude boring kind of Texans who gloated over weather based misfortunes befalling "Yankees" and the French and their rude gloating by adopting it when the weather based misfortunes befall Texans.

Somehow, I think it would be a lot more impressive to NOT mimic the rude boring kind of Texans or, for that matter, the rude boring kind of "leftists" in that behavior.   Even if only the basest goal of asserting you behaved better than such people and are, therefore, better than they are.  I don't get the people who figure they can prove that by sinking to the same level of behavior.   Do they figure they're going to make the boring, rude Texans ashamed enough to change their thinking?   Though that seems to have been their general plan for, Oh, certainly more than a half a century, probably more than a century.  Winning people over with insults and assertions of superiority.   Really works, does it NOT?

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  1. The only comment I ever had, from down here in Texas, about New Yawk City and weather, was the fact NYC had to be hit by a "superstorm." Nobody called the storm of 1900, which all but wiped Galveston off it's island, a "superstorm."

    Had a lot of big, very big, hurricanes in the Gulf coast. Never, ever got one labeled a "superstorm." New York, by contrast, got wet, Jersey got walloped, "This Old House" did a whole season on Jersey reconstruction (New Orleans? Where's that?), and the media to this day calls Sandy a "Superstorm."

    Whatever the hell that is.

    Which is not the same thing as laughing at New York for its travails. No, hurricanes don't regularly reach that far north, and yes, the destruction to New Jersey especially, was dramatic. But in perspective, the entire Gulf coast faces more danger and destruction every year, for six months out of the year (hurricane "season" as defined by NOAA runs from June 1 to November).

    Lots of rude Texans, no doubt about it. I can't defend 'em. But it's funny: over at Salon they have an article about how Rick Santorum is sickened by the Dugger family story (rightly so), and Dan Savage wants to make "Duggery" the new "santorum." But his Twitter followers wonder what's up with using the name of the victims (his sisters) as an indictment.

    To which, apparently, Savage has no response.

    Things that make you go "Hmmmmm......"