Friday, May 29, 2015

Summer Stock

I have had to take a job for the summer in my old age.  No, you won't see me burning like a potato chip too long in the oil in a life guard stand or slinging ice cream or greeting people at minimum wage.   I will certainly not be a greeter.   Getting a lifeguard job is probably more likely.  

That means I will be writing new pieces less often, a three day a week schedule might even develop, though I'm too undecided to announce one.  I will continue to post Richard McBrien's pieces on Fridays, something which is popular if the numbers of hits on the blog stats are any indication.  I may re-run some pieces, especially some I thought were more important from a period when not as many people read this blog and from the other blogs I've written for.  The two blogs which I took down will not be among those.   I may also post more podcasts and online videos of interest, links, excerpts.  

More ragtime too, probably.  I took down my Scott Joplin, James Scott, etc. books and have been impressed again by what good music it is, bless Dover Books for reissuing those.   And there may be clavichord, the poor person's instrument of its time, one simple enough that even many relatively humble homes ran to one, despite what a couple of ignorant people seem to believe about it.   Also one of vast expressive powers that attracted some of the greatest composers to it.   And Jazz.  Always new.  

I won't post this weekend but will try to post on Monday.  

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