Monday, May 25, 2015

Hate Mail

I don't write things for people who don't read what I write and who are obviously not used to thinking beyond the surface presented to them by the common received wisdom of their clique.  

I stopped posting their comments, even the ones I chose not to delete, when I realized they inevitably chose not to argue with anything I'd actually said.  Then I noticed how much of online chatter, just about everywhere, fit that description. The Unlightenment, the product of an "Enlightenment" that never really lived up to its PR.   They've got a lot more in common with the Duggars and Duck Dynasty than they'd ever want to believe possible.   

Update:  Apparently Eschaton has gone all hate on me all the time today or something.  Please, I don't care what people there say about me.  I don't want any more updates.   I suspect someone got turned down last night or something. 

1 comment:

  1. Pretty much. When Jeffrey Tayler described Liberty University in a recent Salon column, I didn't disagree with the description so much as not how closely the reasoning being attributed to Falwell's "school" was similar to the "reasoning" Tayler regularly engages in.

    And just put the word "religion" in a headline or a blog post, and watch the foaming at the mouth it induces. The reaction is almost Pavlovian, and seldom, if ever, do the comments even notice the facts or reasoning of the article they are appended to.

    My blog doesn't get as much notice as a particular flea on a dog covered in fleas, but I can read enough stupid comments elsewhere to not want to read them on my tiny blog. Life's too short.