Sunday, August 13, 2017

Hate Mail - You Don't Know What You're Talking About - Look At Your Own Risk Links Are Not Going To Be Provided Here

First, unless your malware and anti-virus software are really up to date and excellent I wouldn't suggest that you go to American Nazi websites like National Vanguard and read the articles citing Darwin in support of their racism, anti-Semitism, general hatred and even, in some cases, open and explicit advocacy for genocide but it's there to be seen by anyone.  

If you go to the Daily Stormer and search for "natural selection" you will see Darwinism invoked in scores of some of the most racist, vile, slimy Nazi blog posts you're likely to have ever see.   If you had researched scientific racism, eugenics, the history of applied Darwinism in politics and the law, the same kinds of things they're saying now were things that even mainstream Darwinists, in English, in German, in other languages, were saying from the late 19th century until WWII and even after.  One of the things I saw cited Charles Galton Darwin, Darwin's Grandson and his late 1950s book decrying the inevitable decline into dysgenesis that was bound to result from the prevention of eugenics.  You can hear that stuff from the biggest names in Darwinian biology, Watson and Crick and echoed by occasional living stars like Dawkins.  Kevin MacDonald is certainly cited, he was certainly considered to be a legitimate scientist until he made the mistake of testifying on behalf of David Irving and what, somehow, oddly, escaped the previous notice of his scientific colleagues even as they were reviewing his anti-Semitism and passing it on as science, elevating him to higher positions as he was publishing it. 

Both of those groups were listed as participants in the Nazi rally at Charlottesville.  Simps, Freki, the rest of the Eschaton "brain trust" are lying, probably most of them out of complete ignorance but the evidence that backs up what I said this morning is right there, online to be seen.  

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