Sunday, August 13, 2017

Hate Mail - I Don't Care What They Say About Me So Long As It's Not The Truth So I Don' t Care

Duncan Black's blog 2017 is useful for exactly one thing, as a collection of specimens of why the left is burdened with illiterate idiots who spout an impotent ideological stream of unreality.  But they buy him stuff from Bezos, so he gets what he wants to from them. 

A decade ago people were saying the comments there were a mess and it's only gone steadily down from there.  And these days the comments are all there is to it while "Dad" naps, goes shopping and rests like Donald Trump, while he whines intermittently about cars.  I don't think he even bothers much with the one thing he was good on, infrastructure.   His daycare inmates never read it, anyway. 

Update:  "Zod," you are so repetitive that I think I answered everything you have to say years ago.  You're not even as useful as an example of idiocy as the ones Duncan didn't ban.   Crawl back into the decaying recesses of Simps' ever shorter attention span. 

Update 2:  Why do you think it is that one of the major American Nazi podcasts is called "Darwin Digest"?   From the website, Anti-Fascist News 

The Daily Shoah itself has found a way to get back onto SoundCloud by going under their radar, being aware that their name is likely what brought attention on them in the first place.  There are multiple streams and accounts at play for the various Right Stuff podcasts, including shows like the Weekly Narrative and the Darwin Digest.  The Daily Shoah is now included in their complete stream, just called TRS Radio, and streamed with the name “TDS” and then the episode number.  This is essentially a way to trick SoundCloud into allowing them to broadcast even though they have been banned.

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