Thursday, July 13, 2017

Little Milton - Walking The Backstreets

Colin James - Tin Pan Alley 

Update:  Stupy is trying to get me to post some snark in which he claims that Mick "pissing toad" Jagger and his superannuated Stones are the greatest white blues band ever. 

And he got paid to write that kind of crap for an ad flyer. 

Such is the opinion of someone who knows everything they know about music from reading what people who got paid more than he did to write that kind of crap wrote instead of using his ears.  Well, it helps if the ears are connected to a mind and his is a negligible thing to waste. 

Update 2:  Stupy has 10 comments held back in moderation on this thread alone, he's got at least five more on other threads posted today.   I wonder how long he'll go on like that.  

And I haven't even said "Mop Heads" yet. 

Update 3:  Mr. OCD is up to 12 comments held back in moderation.  He really goes nuts when I post the blues.  I remember last summer when he claimed Little Milton played harp instead of guitar during one of our go rounds.   He's such an expert.  


  1. Tell me again about Little Walter. Like why he was great, and who he was.

    Without looking him up, obviously.

    1. Still have a problem distinguishing between Black artists, huh, Simps? LITTLE MILTON is not the same person as LITTLE WALTER. I'm surprised you haven't mixed him up with Diana Ross.