Friday, July 14, 2017

Americans Are Having To Do Things Like Burn Off Their Own Cancer Lesions With Lye Right Now

My state, Maine, is one of those states under a Republican governor, the putrid Paul LePage and Republicans in control of the Legislature and Senate which refused to expand Medicaid coverage under the Affordable Care Act, as a result there are large numbers of people in my state for whom it is still a pre-ACA health care system.  I know people who cannot afford treatment and who do things like burning off their skin cancer lesions with lye or who try their best to treat serious conditions with a combination of over the counter drugs, folk remedies and whose family members with serious mental health problems self-medicate with alcohol or whatever they can get hold of.  There are a number of states like that.  I can imagine that pretty soon there will be more as the Republicans in the congress and in the Trump regime undermine the ACA anyway they can to try to discredit it.  

As we await the Congressional Budget Office evaluation of the latest Republican war plan against the American People coming out of the Senate, we shouldn't forget that even if that fails that the Republicans are conducting a war of low-grade terror against currently uninsured Americans and their families.  Even as Susan Collins and whatever other Republicans who have been made to fear the consequences of the Senate passing a bill, strike a tableau posture symbolizing principle, it's good to remember that they are part of the Republican Party that opposed and opposes the ACA and universal coverage that people can afford, not to mention the most rational of all just systems, universal single-payer coverage.  

It's also good to remember that the party of such "moderates" contains the psychopathic cruelty of Ted Cruz and the sociopathic indifference of Rand Paul.  

The Republicans are at war against the American People on behalf of the nation of Billionaires.  That is a low-grad, low intensity war that is not talked about much of anywhere in the media but it is a war that is killing tens of thousands of Americans right now, every day.  Republicans want to escalate it for the profit of the Billionaires who treat the country as their colony.  Many of those Billionaires live elsewhere, the Republicans explicitly support the ones living in Russia, maintaining their puppet in the White House.  We need to get rid of the chains they have on us, we need to get rid of their colonial administrators and their propagandists. 

Canada, Europe, elsewhere, look and learn because they've got your healthcare in their sites, too. 

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