Sunday, August 7, 2016

Answer To An Expert

BTW, Little Milton played harp -- Clapton is a guitarist.  For your lame criticism to make sense, you'd have to say "I'd rather listen to T-Bone Walker or Otis Rush." 
Pop-music scribbler:  Steve Simels

Um... Simps?


Which the absolute, bottom-basement level of online reference, Wikipedia says is:  "Little Milton playing in Jackson, Mississippi in 2002."   Maybe if you hadn't spent so much time with pale imitations you'd not be in such complete ignorance of a major blues artist.  You couldn't even be bothered to do that much work.

And then there's his auto-biographical song.

It doesn't matter if he played Flute-o-phone, I'd still rather listen to Little Milton than Eric Clapton. It's like preferring butter to margarine, thinking to what you do.

Update:  Watch him but, even more, listen to him sing.

And more about where what others merely copy came from.

Update 2:  Really, Simps, if you want to keep directing people to this post, in which you reveal yourself as a rather shockingly ignorant pop-music scribbler, I'm powerless to stop you.  And, no, I'm not going to let you deflect attention from what you said in such self-revealing ignorance.   I didn't make you write it, why should I let you try to bury it?

Update 3:  No, Simps.  I'm not one of the easily distracted tots of Eschaton, I'm not going to get side-tracked into something that you bring up to try to get yourself off the hook.  You're the standard white-focused pop-music hack who proved he was ignorant of a major black artist.  That's the issue.   Bonnie Raitt has been acknowledging the roots of the music she performs since the beginning of her music career, putting the originators of it forward.   The white boys with the big names and the jillions made from that music, not so much.


  1. Bonnie Raitt? Thank god she didn't rip-off everything she does from black artists.

    1. From the start of her career, Bonnie Raitt cited her sources and promoted them, when they were still alive. She didn't steal anything. And, if you'd bothered to listen, you'd have heard Little Milton express his respect for her as a fellow blues musician. I'd take his word for that over an over-the-hill pop-music scribbler any day. I strongly suspect that Bonnie Raitt wouldn't be offended if someone said they preferred Little Milton, but luckily, she's good as well as a figure of integrity.

    2. And it's hilarious to find out that in your vast expertise you didn't know who Little Milton was. Such an expert, he should work for Stereo Re-re-re-review.

  2. Oh fuck off, Sparky. As you well know my white-boy blues band wrote a song that was actually recorded by genuine blues legend Slim Harpo. I've forgotten more about the blues than you ever knew.

    1. You really do believe that, don't you, that you've got more cred than Little Milton - who you so obviously weren't familiar with before I called you up on your stupid comment. How very white of you. It's exactly what I'd expect from someone with your musical preference. I'll bet you liked White Bucks better than Little Richard. Come on, admit it.

    2. Hey,back off! White boy wrote a blues sing! That makes him an ex- spurt!