Friday, June 2, 2017

You Do Need A Weather Man To Know Which Way This Wind Blows

The Weather Underground meteorologist Bob Henson has identified what the much discussed word "covfefe"  means, it means Trump and a limited number of Republican senators are not only idiots, it means they are criminally insane (my words, not his, he's more moderate and responsible, I'm a mean and fed up little bastard.) 

Here's a map showing support for action on global warming, highlighting states with senators who said Trump should leave the Paris Accord.  I interpret that to mean even in states with such benighted Senators most people don't want their children and grandchildren do fry so billionaires now can be buried in bigger mausoleums. 

Map showing state-by-state support for Paris climate agreement

There are some really bad presidents in America's past, Donald Trump will go down in whatever history there is after him as positively the worst, the extent to which politicians, journalists, editors of even the most august and stinking rags and other media whores support him is the extent to which they should go down in history along with the worst of their type supporting Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin, etc.

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