Thursday, June 1, 2017

Hate Mail - Pretending That What The Nazis And The Catholic Church Were Guilty Of Is The Same Thing Is An Enormous LIe

That you want Christianity to be at fault for everything does absolutely nothing to negate the fact, as I've demonstrated beyond any doubt, that the Nazis stated their genocides were justified by natural selection.   You have been carping at me with your assertion for, if I recall, correctly, at least five years.  You have, in that time, produced not a single fact in contradiction of what I say and in support of what you want to be true.  You have never taken the challenge to do that.  I'm not surprised, when you start looking for such evidence, it pretty much swamps your desired results with disconfirming facts.

[Update:  NOT that I'm accusing you of ever starting to look for evidence.  I have yet to find one of Darwin's defenders who has ever roused themselves to look at more than the cherry-picked, quote mined distortions of the Darwin industry.  Just to make that clear.]

We've been through this before.

Letting go, for now, your absolute refusal to acknowledge that Jews were one group of many who the Nazis both slated for extinction and who they were in the process of exterminating during their reign of scientific, industrial murder, I will point something out.  Using the same word, antisemitism, for both what the Nazis claimed and did  and for what, for example, the Catholic church is accused of is not only misleading, it is irrational.  It is a massive lie.  

Even in the pre-Vatican II Catholic Church, those called "antisemites" didn't want to kill Jews, they didn't want Jews as an ethnic group to disappear from the future, they wanted them to convert to Catholicism and, as in the case of St. Edith Stein and a lot of other Jews who were murdered by the Nazis, such converts were welcomed and could achieve high clerical offices.   The pre-Vatican II attitude AND POLICY was that they wanted Jews to be Catholics, their policy was the same as that for gentile Protestants, they wanted to include them, not kill them.  If that Spielberg movie about the Jewish boy kidnapped by that nut-case, Pius IX, Edgardo Mortara comes out, if they deal with him as an adult, when he was an ordained Catholic priest which he wished to remain, I have a feeling they won't deal with the difference between what they would call antisemitism, of the Pope wanting a Jewish boy to be a Catholic Priest and the Nazis murdering, among others, Jewish converts who were Catholics in good standing.

To pretend those two things are the same is certainly a lie but is one which is endemic to the American and British educated class, despite the obvious difference.  They're not the same thing at all, you can tell the difference between people who want to kill you and people who want you to join them.  If you can't, you're too stupid for words.  Literally.   Not to mention how many Catholics, especially in Poland, risked their lives to rescue and hide Jews from those who wanted to kill them, even as doing so carried the risk of them sacrificing their entire family to do so.  As I've pointed out to you, that's a price that some did pay.   Something which, I guess, doesn't matter to you.  Quite a few priests were killed by the Nazis for hiding Jews, in the Netherlands alone, almost fifty priests were killed for doing that.  Fr, Wladyslaw Deszca was killed by the Nazis for hiding Jews by issuing them false baptismal certificates, something that the future Pope John XXIII did and organized among Catholic priests in Eastern Europe.

And, today, the accusation that desiring to convert Jews is the same thing that the Nazis did is largely a moot point because Vatican II, called by Good Pope John, under the advice of one of its more prominent American advisers,  Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel, the concluding documents made it clear that the continuing existence of the Jewish religion is right, just and desirable and, in fact, basic to the understanding of what God promised.

Update:  Well, I guess you just proved it, you are too stupid for words.

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