Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Another Omitted Footnote

In the long posts like the one from this morning, there is a high chance that I'll leave a footnote out.  

In the quotation from the passage about A. R. Wallace, Lynn, correctly, quotes Darwin as saying:

“Both sexes ought to refrain from marriage if they are in any marked degree infirm in body or in mind”

Advice which, I've noted before, Charles Darwin, famously a habitual valetudinarian and hypochondriac, who was often ill (his letter to Galton praising Hereditary Genius indicates that he was so ill his wife, Emma, had to read the book to him) who never tired in tut-tutting the breeding habits of the poor and others he identified as biologically inferior but who, nevertheless, married his cousin and had a large family with her, many of whom went on to be some of the foremost proponents of eugenics and constant carpers about the biological unfitness of the poor, etc.  refused to take, himself.  

I've decided to post an earlier post laying out the blatant class hypocrisy of Darwin which, in anything I've ever read that scientists said about him, is unmentioned.   The hypocrisy he and others got away with in the name of science is, literally, scandalous.  That, alone, is more than enough to discredit him. 

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