Sunday, May 28, 2017

Is he really a troll or a fraud,
I must ask when the trolling's from Zod
And by that I imply
He may be simp-lie,
Another sock off Simp's clothes rod. 

4 minutes, folks, and that was while on store-brand benadryl.  

Update:  Well, I didn't know.  I thought that when you were getting heckled you were supposed to turn it around on them.   And you call me a cry baby. 

Update:  Better a line in doggerel short of a syllable than a mind short of a full deck, a full load or a top floor, one damaged by too much TV and crappy music, allergic to thought.  

I issued a disclaimer. 

 And  then there's the story about Winnie and the lady rebuking him for being drunk and disgusting, to whom he pointed out that unlike her he'd be sober in the morning. The story's apocryphal. it's said, but it still works in this case.   And I don't drink. 

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