Friday, February 8, 2019

What I Learned From Blogging

Every once in a while I get a comment on one of the old pieces from my archive and, not understanding the comment, I'll go back to see if it really had anything to do with what was said or if it was some kind of auto-spam that I, for the life of me, can discern no motive for.

One followed up this afternoon was attached to part of the epic series of Darwin War brawls, with the atheists who trolled me but who will not be posted here, anymore.  I don't know when it was that I first suspected, then concluded that atheists are unusually prone to lying, no matter what level of evidence you present them with, no matter how detailed, no matter how obvious it becomes that your knowledge of what is being brawled over is superior to their argument out of ignorance, bigotry and copied, previous atheist diatribes.  The post-war Darwin cult is essentially one big lie of that kind.

I will say it again, I have come to the conclusion that atheism, which not only denies the reality of God but, also and for the same reason, the reality of sin, leads many atheists to be flagrant liars.  If not liars themselves then supportive of their fellows.   That is one of the strongest conclusions I've come to from writing blogs.   I have come to see that insight is also a revelation into looking into the position of atheism and "secularism" in politics and society and even in science.  If people want to know where "post-truth" started, it's never been rare and it's certainly never been absent from formal even academic discourse.  It's certainly never been absent from politics.  Not to mention the media and the law.  I was surprised to find so much of it in science and academia and among the graduates of reputable universities.  Ours is a dark age, brought farther into the darkness by the belief that it is not a sin to tell a lie.

I doubt people try harder to avoid lying unless they believe it is a sin.  A real sin which will have real consequences, for them.  You don't get that with "secularism" for which you can read "atheism" or "materialism."

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