Sunday, February 3, 2019

Posting In A Time Of Pestilence

Sick as a frickin' dog.  My guess it is the bacterial bronchitis that's been going around here.  If I write something right now it's just going to be a rant against the Superbowl.  And who needs to hear me say that, again. 

I hadn't known till this morning that Walter Brueggemann had apparently retired from public speaking last year.   He's certainly given us everything we could have asked of anyone on that count, he's one of the great living preachers, he seems to be spending the time adding to his already incredible number of book titles.  I could read full time the rest of my life and not catch up.  Especially, as is so often the case with great writing, if you've read it only once, you haven't read it.

Hope he's taking some well earned rest. 

Luckily, there's also more video and audio of his sermons, lectures, talks, interviews, than you'd ever exhaust, as well, those also requiring more than one hearing to really get them. 

Here's another of his lectures that will be entirely more edifying than looking at the stupid game and the commercials, which are the whole point of the thing.

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