Saturday, February 9, 2019

Walk Away

I didn't plan this when I wrote the piece below this morning but I just listened to a mildly humorous Majority Report piece about some dweeb named Brandon Strata who thinks he can take on Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (she'd crush him).  The segment contained this exchange which is interesting from my point of view.

Jamie Peck:  Is he going to run as a Democrat or a Republican, do you think?

Sam Seder:  I. . . I . . . He's already walked away from the Democratic Party. 

Matt Lech and Michael Brooks:  Yeah, he walked away.

Matt Lech:  You can't walk back . . . 

Michael Brooks:  You can't walk back to what you walked away from. 

To which, of course, my question is?  Why doesn't that apply to Bernie Sanders who has walked away from the Democratic Party he did so much to screw over even as you enthusiastically support him coming in to try to steal its presidential nomination?    I think "steal" is an accurate term in that the nomination of a party should only ever be given to an actual member of a party. 

Democrats should disqualify anyone who hasn't been a party member for the two entire presidential cycles previous to the election from being eligible for the nomination of the party.  This kind of bullshit has got to stop.

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