Monday, January 7, 2019

Making Democrats, Democratic Women, Democratic Women of Color Responsible For Trump's Tantrum And Mitch's Malfeasance

As I'm typing this I am listening to NPR's Steve Inskeep doing a soft-hit interview with Democratic strategist Margie Omero.    He's doing the typical media thing of turning monumental irresponsibility of Republicans,  Trump, Mitch McConnell in the shut down into a Democratic problem, even though Democrats in the only part of government they control, half of the legislative, have already voted, repeatedly to reopen the government.  He's also bringing up Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the focus of a right-wing hate campaign of the kind that they have mounted against Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi and Elizabeth Warren.   Now they are including Rashida Talib whose one profane statement will, certainly be talked about for as long as she's before the public and probably after. 

Have I mentioned that NPR should be fuck off and die?

The corporate media had a problem while Democrats were entirely out of power, how to make them responsible for the inability of Republicans to do anything responsible and reasonable?   Now that they have one house of Congress under the control of Democrats, better, with Nancy Pelosi as Speaker, they can go back to their old and well practiced habit of making Democrats and, especially Democratic Women, and best of all, Democratic Women of Color responsible for the disgusting and obscene behavior of old, white, racist Republican men who hold control in the rest of the government. 

The idiots on the alleged left part of the "free speech - free press" industry have always had it wrong, the American media, even the "left" of it is not liberal, not in the real meaning of the word in the United States, it is, left to right, in the hands of people who oppose egalitarian democracy, either overtly or by force of their content, Steve Inskeep is typical though hardly isolated in doing that.  It is the effect of just about everything they do.  As I've pointed out time after time, the secular-leftist media does the same thing from another direction. 

The American media, with very few exceptions, is not the friend of egalitarian democracy.  It should have its ability to lie and distort taken from it by making its privileges contingent on telling the truth instead of lying and distorting.  NPR should fuck off and die.

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