Tuesday, January 8, 2019

If We Don't Wake Up To One Baby-Man Rule Tomorrow Don't Believe The PR BS That "The System Worked"

OK, it's funny, it's absurd.  But now that we've had our laugh consider how dangerous this is.

Trump started out as a corrupt, decadent, mentally deficient, lazy, fraudulent spoiled rich brat who was made president by an amoral Republican party that started out opposing him but as soon as the goons who vote Republican gave him the nomination, any who remained in the Republican Party genuflected to him - NEEDLESS TO SAY, THE AMERICAN FREE PRESS GENUFLECTED, THEY ALWAYS DO WHEN IT'S A REPUBLICAN -  and the entire Republican controlled Senate and House and, it's increasingly obvious, the Republican controlled Supreme Court are not doing a thing to effectively oppose his insanity.  And, they should never be allowed to distance themselves from their role in this, the mass media that created Donald Trump as a public figure,  the New York City media that used him for entertainment value, the publishing industry that capitalized off of his media celebrity to present him, fraudulently, as a business genius, and as a strong and fascistic tycoon who expressed his genius by firing people - all according to script.

This isn't funny.  The Trump regime has been a full evaluation of mental competence, not only for Trump and the Republican Party but for the United States.  The good news on that is that a majority of Americans didn't vote for Trump, he didn't win the popular vote and his support has never approached fifty-percent in any polls except the ones which are overt Republican propaganda operations anyway.  The bad news is that even that fact, under the United States Constitution has not been enough to remove Donald Trump and the criminals in his regime from office.  There is no evidence that the Constitution, the law, the force of democratic elections are going to remove him and his goon squad from office.  If you want one of the bigger evidences of how decadent modern culture is from within that criminal gang,  Ben Carson is still installed at HUD.*

If, in the coming days, you hear some idiot in the DC-NYC-Atlanta TV-radio media congratulate us on "the system working" to remove this danger, you will know that that's just another symptom of how seriously dangerous things are because the media telling those kinds of soothing lies are a huge part of why we are in such trouble and why even if all of them were removed, it's going to happen again.  We saw how the system imposing Bush II on us did not right things to the extent that it kept us from having the far worse Trump regime imposed on us a mere eight years after the implosion of 2008.  It didn't keep us from having the Bush II regime imposed on us by the corrupt Supreme Court fiat in 2000.  This system, the US Constitution and the culture of our media are a continuing danger to us.   The media keeps us from really addressing those dangers, it keeps us from really avoiding a downward plummet, one which we have been on since Nixon was elected in 1968.   So many institutions are corrupted by it, by the culture of decadence and cynicism that even if we temporarily avoid the worst under Trump, it's just a matter of time before at least as bad results from it.  I mean, did anyone really believe we could get to this point the day after the election of 2008?  Did you ever really believe you would arrive at this day in which we are wondering if Trump is about to declare, in effect, rule by presidential decree AND WE ARE NOT CERTAIN IF THE SUPREME COURT WILL STOP HIM?  AND WE ARE CERTAIN THAT THE REPUBLICAN SENATE WONT? 

*  It's terrifying that someone with his level of mental debility and sluggishness was once allowed to perform surgery on people.  I don't think, after Dr. Carson's public life that "It's not brain surgery" will ever have the same meaning.  I mean, if he could do it?

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