Sunday, January 6, 2019

Democrats Have To Defeat Misogynistic Republican Vilification Campaigns Even When "Democrats" Mount Them

The use of racism by the scumbag-Republican Matt Gaetz, (scumbag-Republican FL) against Elizabeth Warren is just the latest in what is an obvious and organized effort by Republican-fascists to use misogyny and racism against potential Democratic presidential nominees.   Since the likes of Gaetz swim in the bottom regions of the cesspool that is the Republican Party under Trumpism - they're all pretty much bottom feeders - it is mainstream Republican politics when he does it.

This has been such a long standing and obvious effort that it is certain planned and planned to become effective.  A big part of that effectiveness is the American media which can be counted on to not only carry Republican-fascist use of racism and misogyny, they will adopt it as part of their "people are saying" narration.  The effect of that isn't planned to be on rational people who are informed, it is planned to have an effect on an effective margin of voters who are not informed and will vote on their ill-informed emotions, the kind who knew  they didn't like Hillary Clinton but, when asked, couldn't tell you why.   I can tell them why, the American media from the New York Times, NPR, The Nation, In These Times, . . . . and all the way down to the fascist and neo-Nazi sewer was telling them for three decades to not like her.

The American "free press" is a willing participant in these things and it will be as the Republican-fascists attack Elizabeth Warren, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and any other Democratic woman they can mount an attack on.   And the lefty media participates in that as much as any other.

The misogyny on the lefty blogs and websites in the nominations during 2008 was more than matched by that during the nominations of 2016, it is ongoing on comment threads of lefty media such as Majority Report.   We now know some of it was rampant in the Sanders campaign,  Bernie Sanders has admitted that and apologized for it, though at the time it was certainly known within the upper reaches of his staff I suspect including his wife and campaign manager,  so I can't believe he didn't know about it at the time.

American media doesn't deal in developed ideas, it peddles labels, so we need an effective term for this Republican-fascist tactic of vague vilification.  Something specific to it.  I'm not good with making up such terms but if it's going to be fought one will have to be used.  Democrats have to study and plan an effective series of strategies that will expose that for what it is and they will have to adopt a solid line of opposition to that practice.  Given the non-Democrat Sanders campaign and its fan boys and gals in 2016 and what I think was probably a far less intrinsic part of Obama's 2008 campaign, the first thing to do is to make opposing misogyny and racism a requirement of ALL of those who are trying to run a campaign against Democratic women, even during the nominations process.   If we can't eliminate it among our own campaigns how can we hope to defeat the Republican-fascists doing it?

NOTE:  Democrats should insist that the DNC adopt a rule that no one who has not been a registered Democrat for at least two presidential cycles is eligible for the Democratic nomination for president.   There is no reason for the Democratic Party to remain vulnerable to the likes of Bernie Sanders or, in the upcoming election, Michael Bloomberg who didn't see fit to BE DEMOCRATS except when they figure they can benefit from declaring they are, temporarily, Democrats.


  1. You are what is wrong with politics.

    Warren brought this on herself with that stupid DNA test.

    Rep. Markwayne Mullin, who is a member of the Cherokee Nation, is someone you don't give a shit and a half about because he's got that [R] after his name, yet you foolishly insist that Warren is owed "one million bucks" by Trump because Colbert and Noah said so!

    To quote Chuck Hoskin, Jr., the Secretary of State of the Cherokee nation, for her to claim some connection to that body, "EVEN VAGUELY, is inappropriate and wrong." [Emphasis mine] So, your little word game about her distinction without a difference claim that she is not a Cherokee Nation member but just a Cherokee is a bucket with a hole in it.

    Gaetz's comment was obnoxious, but please, Warren's video where she "discovered" (that call was so fucking fake even Trevor Noah had to admit it) she was potentially possibly maybe 1/1024th Cherokee (or Columbian) was equally so. Good intentions, hell, and all that. Yes, Gaetz's comment is both bad intentioned and just as sulfuric. But your biases show, and they're not at all good. And considering the way you dismiss white men because they're white men, you clearly are less pissed about the game being played and more so because your team is losing.

    And for what it's worth, I voted a straight Blue ticket in the last election. But I believe in principles, not politics.

    I know you won't post this because it is 1) all true and 2) you can't refute it. Luckily, none of it is original, and real news sources carry the data.

    1. You keep lying, claiming she said she was a member of the Cherokee nation WHEN SHE HAS SAID, MANY TIMES THAT SHE WAS NOT. She's not responsible for what Chuck Hoskin said nor is she responsible for inaccurate ideas he holds about what she said, apparently the same inaccurate ones you hold.

      Her DNA test supported her families oral history. I've never taken one because I don't have people mocking me over my great-great grandmother who in my family history was Penobscot. I've never claimed to be a member of the Penobscot nation which has stricter rules as to who is elegible TO BE ACCEPTED AS A MEMBER OF THEIR NATION than the Cherokees do.

      I will not post any more of your comments because of comments like this, I only posted the two this morning by mistake but decided to answer you. You definitely do not like women and especially women of color.