Friday, January 11, 2019

American Democracy Is About To Die On The Say So of FOX, Ann Coulter and Rush Limbaugh

The Republican Party has certainly already indicated that they are a fascist party in the first two years of the Trump regime, they are about to prove it absolutely as he starts to assume dictatorial power in a declaration of "national emergency" where it's obvious none exists.  Hitler had them start a fire in the Reichstag, under American Constitutional government it apparently doesn't even take that, it takes FOX and Rush Limbaugh to say mean things about Republicans being pussies if they don't violate the Constitution to do it.

This is how far American democracy has degenerated under the present cultural milieu created by the mass media, the mass media has, in fact been the engine of demolition of American democracy.   It exacerbated the racism already there through the movies and TV, it denigrated traditional American liberalism, it targeted specific individuals whenever they seemed capable of challenging the ever more fascistic Republicans on a national and often on a state level.  This is how far American democracy has degenerated since the Sullivan Decision of the Supreme Court in 1964 started us down this slide with an ill reasoned decision that could have merely told the New York Times to issue a correction and suggest a lower court could have told them to pay the court costs of the plaintiff in the lawsuit.  Instead, justices addicted to issuing landmarks issued the stupidest one given out by the Warren Court.  American fascism succeeded under a regime that empowers lies in the mass media.

Even if there are some Republicans horrified enough by the prospect of the baby-man tyrant issuing a phony emergency declaration to get his way, their leadership,  Mitch McConnell, the others in charge in the Senate and the House Republican caucus are as degenerate as Trump, as ruled by FOX and Ann Coulter and Rush Limbaugh, as afraid that the fascist media will say mean things about them and get their devoted cult of listeners to vote them out of power.  Well, in office, their own cowardice and lack of character has disempowered them as much as it has the baby-man dictator.

Republicans looking for the destruction of the American Constitutional system as an off-ramp for the Trump shutdown instead of them voting to reopen government by a veto-proof margin shows that they already have given Trump that victory among Republicans.  If the Republican-corrupted courts go along with this, American democracy is dead, killed by the First Amendment as interpreted by the Supreme Court.  I don't know if this kind of thing would exactly match any of the predicted disasters of rule by court which the radical lawyer Louis Boudin predicted in the 1930s but it certainly fits as a disaster brought about by the idiocy of judicial governance.  If the Supreme Court goes along with this instead of stopping it,  a radical change in its status and its power will be necessary if democracy is ever to reemerge.  If the Warren Court brought disaster by folly, the Republican-fascists from the Federalist-fascist Society can be expected do worse by intent.

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