Monday, December 31, 2018

Something To Take Along With The Alka-Seltzer

Imagine no "Imagine" 
I know that's hard but try
No boring  chorus
Or words that only lie
Imagine all The People, singing something new.

Imagine there's a song line,
One that goes somewhere,
And chords that don't lie static,
And words that move, those too.
Imagine all the people, singing what they knew.

You don't really need a dreamer,
Or even more than only one,
All you need's to try it,
And you just might come up with one.

I don't believe in memes, though when people say "meme" they aren't talking about memes.   Anyway,  I'm going to start one that "Imagine" is the "Little Drummer Boy" type song to hate hearing for the coming decade.  I encourage everyone to make fun of it and we can crush the thing back into the past. 

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