Saturday, October 27, 2018

On Hearing Stupid Trump Supporters Denying That Cesar Sayoc Was One Of Them And The Even Greater Stupidity of Secular Lefties

I have been doing election work on the probability that someone who gets one of the post-cards I label and stamp is more likely to vote for Democrats in the next two weeks than someone who reads one of my blog posts.  That's why there was no post yesterday.  I'm waiting for the next batch of labels so I might be able to write something today or tomorrow.

Listening to a program where they talked to Trumpzis waiting to get into his Nazi style rally yesterday about the Trump fanatic who sent the bombs, listening to them come up with the most ridiculous and implausible of reasons to deny it was one of their own who did it makes me point out again that those people are created by FOX, by Sinclair, by Alex Jones and other fascist media.   They're in the business of pushing vulnerable people over the edge into dangerous irrationality and selling the mentally ill people they make to their advertisers while they manipulate them for their own and their patrons' profit.  You can snark about their stupidity, and, admittedly, some of them seem to be quite stupid but even stupid losers vote and allowing fascists to exploit their vulnerability in the electronic mass media that is so easily absorbed is even stupider than they are.

That is something which democracy can't survive, any "free speech-free press" theory that doesn't distinguish between telling the truth, which there is a right to tell and to tell lies is an indirect means of doing the same thing that FOX does.  There is no right to lie, relatively harmless lies might be tolerated because it's impractical to punish harmless ones but the ones that the Republican-fascists and their media tell on behalf of billionaire oligarchs have the ability to destroy democracy and, in the end, destroy peoples' actual rights and to kill them.

The 1950s-60s theory of absolute free speech and free press, based on a fundamentalist reading of the First Amendment has been given the test of time over the past fifty-four years, it is destructive of democracy and of rights because it stupidly and unnecessarily enable lies told on behalf of fascism and Nazism and, yes, Marxism.

The lies told for Marxism - perhaps the motive of the creation of the theory of free speech absolutism in lefty journals and law school faculties - are, in fact, harmless because the media is owned by billionaires who will never allow Marxism to get a foot hold.  Not that that's necessary, Marxist regimes of the 20th century have totally discredited Marxism.  The expression of Marxists could have been allowed or totally suppressed and there would have never been any danger of Marxists taking political control of the United States because of that self-discrediting of even U. S. Marxists on behalf of those foreign dictatorships.

Those told on behalf of fascism and, as we have seen, even neo-Nazis are the real danger that Marxists never would be.  The owners of the media, other forces indigenous to the United States have no allergy to fascism.    It was entirely stupid to trade the protection of real rights through the punishment of lies in the media on behalf of Marxists and the porn industry.  It was entirely stupid for the secular left that were the great champions of that to not foresee who it would empower, those who could sell their lies most effectively in the ambient media environment.   The secular left that did that has also proven to be a danger to democracy through that idiocy.  I think a lot of them never cared all that much about egalitarian democracy through self-government.  They certainly didn't mind that such things never happened in the Marxist governments so many of them liked.  A lot of them are affluent snobs who disdain The People as much as the billionaire oligarchs do.

That secular left has no useful role in any real future left.  They discredited themselves by enabling the fascists.  Neither does any religious left that fell for that stuff.


  1. "I have been doing election work on the probability that someone who gets one of the post-cards I label and stamp is more likely to vote for Democrats in the next two weeks than someone who reads one of my blog posts."

    you have about 5 people that read your posts. I check them out from time to time to see if you are actually making any sense whatsoever. Still nothing. You keep praying to your invisible sky wizard. Your delusions are borderline psychotic. seek help. Your obsession with "marxists, secularists"is pitiful. And in case you didn't notice, religion is on the decline as more and more people realize that religion is just another bullshit scam. As I have asked you many times, prove to me your invisible sky wizard exists. please. of course, you can't. enjoy your delusions. Go eat a bible.

    1. "Zod" you were challenged two weeks ago to specify what I said that was wrong, you haven't said the first word of refutation, anyone who knows that you've now been challenged twice in that time to do so is justified in suspecting it's because you can't.

      In the same time I gave a very good reason for concluding you are one of Simp's socks which "you" didn't refute.