Saturday, October 27, 2018

Saturday Night Radio Drama - Nigel Kneale - The Road

Mark Gatiss and Adrian Scarborough star as a philosopher and scientist investigating ghostly outbreaks in a country wood in 1768. Neither is quite prepared for the shocking truth that they uncover. Nigel Kneale’s legendary lost 1963 TV play, famed for its haunting climax, has been adapted by Toby Hadoke.

GIDEON COBB .... Mark Gatiss
SIR TIMOTHY HASSALL .... Adrian Scarborough 
LADY LAVINIA HASSALL .... Hattie Morahan
JETHRO .... Colin McFarlane 
TETSY .... Susan Wokoma
LUKEY PLATT .... Francis Magee
BIG JEFF .... .Ralph Ineson

Directed by Charlotte Riches

You've got a limited time to listen to this one.  But it will get you through Halloween. 

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