Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Why It's Important For The Actual Left To Expose The Fraud Of The Play-Left

Well, the, arguably, 52nd iteration of the Left Forum ended on Sunday, how much more lefty do you feel the country and world to be? 

About the only things I learned from paying attention to it is that the Left-Forum - Nation Magazine - etc. "left" is as fixed on doing what's been going really badly for the left for going on a century and expecting the results are going to be different than what those things have gotten for that century, year after year of countless gatherings of the "real left" at countless conventions, meetings, seminars, forums, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. . . Their empty slogan for the 2018 was "Towards A New Strategy For The Left".   These jerks, staffed to the top with PhDs and what passes as big, deep thinkers of the friggin' play-left have had more than half a century to get to a winning strategy for the left.   It's time for them to admit defeat and withdraw from the field.

I learned that and that Jane Sanders is apparently planning on turning Bernie Sanders into an ongoing family industry by mounting another spoiler campaign in 2020.  I have read talk of a "third-party" or independent run.   I don't know how big her legal bills are from that spot of trouble she's in over her maladministration of the now defunct Burlington College but I think only a huge egoist with no notable moral probity would consider raising money by enabling the Republican-fascists, again instead of some other means of bailing herself out.

Oh, and with this I'm officially over Richard D. Wolff as well, though he's not someone I believe I've voluntarily brought to mind without prompting ever before.  He's one of those Marxists whose name pops up in publishing announcements for the kind of books that never get read by more than a handful of people, one or two will be reviewers for magazines of the "real left" which, as well, go unread.

And, then, there are the dynasty building candidacies of Bernie Sanders' Trump scion- level stupid son, Levi, and his step-daughter, Carina Driscoll, * Clearly piggy-backing on Bernie Sanders' fame [see note for details]

After twice, in two decades in this still new century, these assholes have acted as spoilers putting the indisputably worst president of the United States in office, Trump and what used to be the indisputably worst president of the United States in office, George W. Bush, these assholes are also idiots who are incapable of learning, it's not wonder they've been doing what doesn't and will never work for a century, they are crack-pots who are incapable of learning, they are as resistant to reality as Donald Trump.

These people are total and complete jerks, they have been mounting exactly that kind of spoiler operation since pretty much forever and not a few of them have done exactly what I just accused Jane Sanders of doing, profiting off of the kinds of idiots who will give money and support to those series of spoiler campaigns.

What they do is important only because they have been so useful to Republicans, to the Putin crime organization and who knows how many other anti-democratic funders, supporters and those who can encourage them in their idiocy.  And their historical ability to discredit the real left.   They really are the enemies of the actual American left, the left that can win elections in the numbers to influence legislation and to make law to put the legitimate egalitarian democratic agenda into law.  They are the real enemies of the real left.  With Bernie Sanders' wife announcing another certain disaster of a spoiler campaign in 2020 it's time for the only left that will ever succeed to dump them, to isolate them, to expose them and to destroy their ability to do that. 

This article points out problems with the candidacies of the Sanders' kids.

During the long and sometimes fractious 2016 Democratic presidential nominating contest, many of Bernie Sanders’ passionate fans depicted themselves as fighting not just Hillary Clinton, but a Clintonian dynasty of corrupt centrists who had betrayed progressivism into the hands of its corporate enemies. One California Berniecrat said this to Politico after Sanders conceded defeat and endorsed Clinton:

When I see the Clintonian dynastic corruption which seems to compromise everything and everyone it touches, the Democratic Party is not a party I can support at this time.

Less than two years later, it’s not Chelsea Clinton who’s running for office to build on her family’s legacy, but two from Bernie’s clan. His son Levi has announced his candidacy for a congressional seat in New Hampshire. And his step-daughter (Jane Sanders’ daughter) is running for his old position as mayor of Burlington.

Levi Sanders has never held elected office (he ran unsuccessfully for city council in the small town where he lives), though he was identified as a “senior policy strategist” in his father’s presidential campaign. Carina Driscoll has been a state legislator and city councilmember in Vermont.

The problem Levi Sanders is immediately encountering (other than a large and more experienced field of rivals for the Democratic nomination) is a history of utterances on Twitter (curated this week by New Hampshire Democratic activist Dean Barker) that will not go over well with a lot of primary voters. . . 

. . . While Driscoll is a more conventional political figure than her step-brother (despite her independent status), and so far as we know is not in the habit of saying dumb things on Twitter, she raises another problem for herself and her family: she’s been linked to the controversy over her mother’s financial stewardship of Burlington College, which closed under a massive load of debt five years after the end of Jane Sanders’ presidency of the school, during which the small private college expanded its campus significantly.

Turns out Driscoll’s own Vermont Woodworking School formed a partnership with Burlington College during Jane Sanders’ presidency that funneled about a half a million dollars to the off-site facility where Burlington students took classes. Sanders’ successor as president at Burlington and chief critic of her tenure, Carol Moore called the partnership a “sweetheart deal” for Driscoll that ended up “gouging the college.”

I will point out that the most likely venue for such a spoiler candidacy is the Green Party which will do what they've done before in that regard.  It's important to expose that fraud as well.   The Green Party had a presence at the Left Forum.  Lots of those who supported the candidacy of Bernie Sanders during the catastrophic and futile primary season in 2016 were Greens or the kind of idiots who declared they would vote for Jill Stein if Bernie Sanders didn't get the nomination.  I heard them at our caucus, especially among those who did same-day party declaration so they could vote for Sanders. 

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