Saturday, June 9, 2018

Saturday Night Radio Drama - Danielle McLaughlin - The Art of Foot Binding

A radio version of Danielle McLaughlin’s short story, first published in her collection, Dinosaurs On Other Planets, published by The Stinging Fly press.The Art of Foot-Binding tells the story of Janice, her husband Philip, and their teenage daughter, Becky. Inspired by a classroom discussion of foot-binding, Becky experiments with the ancient practice at home. Her re-purposing of expensive pillow cases is a torment to her mother, while other ties - between husband, wife and child – are stretched to breaking point.

Donna Anita Nikolaisen (Narrator)
Peter Daly (Voice of the Foot-binding manual)
Fiona Bell (Janice)
Caitriona Ennis (Becky)
Arthur Riordan (Philip)
Kathy Rose O’Brien (Ms Matthews).

This is more of a dramatized reading of the short story but it's harrowing enough to make it worth hearing.   Parts of it are pretty hard to listen to.

For once you can hear it at the RTÉ website without having to download it.  

Also Note:

The Hear Now Festival of audio drama is underway, I'll try to post links to any of the dramas associated with it or you can look for them at their website.

Also note, I was asked a while back why I usually post the Saturday Night Radio Drama in what is early afternoon Eastern (Western hemisphere) time, it's because by then a lot of places it's already Saturday Night or soon will be.  I do get readers outside of North America. 

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