Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Bill Clinton Won't You Please Go Home

and shut up and never give another interview for the remainder of your life!

I still say what I said about Bill back in November of 2016

Bill Clinton and Barack Obama are the past, Hillary Clinton is the future we can't have, it's time for all of them to step aside.   I'm not even interested in defending Bill and Barack, anymore.  With his idiotic visit to Loretta Lynch, I'm so disgusted with Bill Clinton that it would suit me if I never heard his name again.

Bill Clinton squandered his legacy, he should face that fact and stop rehashing it.  His attention seeking at this point is useful for nothing and harmful.   

His presidency was eight years of lost opportunity due to his own weakness and lack of any real higher convictions.  It damaged not only the Democratic Party but cost Hillary Clinton what I still believe would have been a far more promising presidency.  I'm tempted  to make an naughty pun about him blowing it, himself.  

Well, he did. 


  1. sorry, but you are wrong. again. Bill Clinton was the best President this country saw in decades. That you want to destroy him for his sexual issues shows you to be a willing puppet for the right. He was a flawed human being, which I thought you bible thumpers bent over backwards to absolve. He didn't cause Hillary to lose the election, our fucked up system caused her to lose. Rigged elections that continue to give more power to the minority will destroy this country. Hillary won the election The fucked up electoral college is the problem. So please, stop with your moronic ideas that neither make sense or are accurate. Now you and RMJ go rent a cheap hotel room for the weekend and make your asses sore for the next month. You invisible God wills it to be so.

    1. Oh, you seem to have a thing about gay sex. You seem to have the typically ignorant view of that that it inevitably is anal sex mimicking straight sex. How very typically straight, white, atheist blog-boy of you. Perhaps it's because nine times out of 9.98, you are straight, white-boy assholes that that's where your mind goes.

      My position on Bill Clinton's adultery is that it was no one's business but the people involved, of whom Hillary Clinton was the only one who wasn't responsible for creating the mess. That's something which I've stated over and over again. It was its usefulness to Republican-fascism which was the only legitimate public issue. It is the issue that the asshole should have realized was bound to come up during his book promotion of a cheesy novel he co-wrote. He should have had a better answer if he were going to do the thing. That he doesn't means he didn't give what was bound to come up much thought, in his typical irresponsibility. That it's being used to excuse Trump is the only thing that is important about it.

      Me destroy Bill Clinton? The man has a self-destructive streak that is only outdone by his sell-out streak and his self-indulgence, thus his sexual irresponsibility.

      No, I don't want to destroy him, I want him to shut up and stop doing damage to American liberalism, which he never supported or practiced or believed in except in so far as it aided his gaining office. My problem with Bill Clinton was his idiotic sell-outs and enabling of Republican-fascists which discouraged the Democratic base, enabled the play-left I wrote about last weekend, his capitulation to instead of fighting like hell against Newt Gingrich and the Republican fascist attack on poor people - his great victory in helping them dismantle welfare and any number of other programs foremost.

      And then there is what I mentioned, his sandbagging Hillary Clinton because the fucking asshole couldn't resist doing what anyone with the slightest intelligence knew would blow up, the tarmac meeting with Loretta Lynch, two lawyers meeting like that was one of the stupidest stunts imaginable. For him to have done it after experiencing the Republican attacks on them both during and after his administration was monumentally reckless and irresponsible and self-indulgent.

      Bill Clinton, as Barack Obama are nothing that the Democratic Party can build on because both of them betrayed the Democratic base, discouraging them in the off-years when their encouragement and enthusiasm to get them out to support Democrats was as essential as the presidential runs which were their only real interest, and mostly because it was they who were the candidates. That's a pattern I see in people like Andrew Cuomo who would rather govern as a Republican than as a Democrat.

      He can't hold a candle to Lyndon Johnson, the president whose legacy is what Clinton did so much to help the Republicans dismantle, just as Barack Obama did after him. The only accomplishment of Barack Obama was a very flawed healthcare program which wasn't even his accomplishment, it would never have gone anywhere if Nancy Pelosi hadn't insisted on it and pushed it as the best that could be achieved due to Obama's self-adopted decision to be a Clintonesque weak president.

      I'm tied of those golden-boy presidencies, they always end up being a golden moon-calf.

      Whoever told you you were smart was lying to you, whether it was your mommy or your fellow blog-rats. You are a post-literate idiot who can't deal with anything except headline-cartoon level complexity. You can join Bill Clinton in shutting the fuck up.