Saturday, June 2, 2018

Saturday Night Radio Drama -Gordon Pengilly - Bailey's Way

I've decided to post all of Gordon Pengilly's Bailey's Way series, on those weeks I haven't had a chance to find other plays.  The last few weeks I haven't had much free time.   But mostly because I really like his work and I like the actors in these plays.   

Esther Purves Smith as Tanis Bailey , a young rookie constable on the the Calgary Police Service determined to make’Detective’ just as soon as she can. David LeReaney as Sergeant Mann and Grant Linneberg as Detective Donaldson. 

Also:  in Simply Judy 
Lindsay Burns; Terry Belleville; Les Carlson; Kate Newby; Donna Belleville; Grant Reddick; Bruce Parkhouse

in The Wanderer 
Heather-Lea McCallum; Stephen Spender; Terry Lawrence; Sharon Bakker

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