Thursday, May 31, 2018

I Just Knew It Would Be The "C" Word They Focused On

When I listened to the Youtube posting of Samantha Bee's Full Frontal this morning, I decided to post a link but I wanted to see how the media was reacting to what she, her staff and lots of us who heard it knew was going to be what got the notice of the wider media.   From her segment about the Trump regime ripping babies and young children from their parents Samantha Bee no doubt felt compelled to get people to notice what she said, so she entirely relevantly and with complete justification went where no one on TV I've known of went before:

Bee said: “No, Donald Trump didn’t invent this issue – he’s just making it so much worse. Now everyone who even approaches the border is treated like a criminal.

She continued: “So now, after decades of ignoring the issue, Americans are finally paying attention. Well, most of us. Ivanka Trump, who works at the White House, chose to post the second most oblivious tweet we’ve seen this week.”

Bee, showing a photo Trump posted of her and her son, addressed the president’s daughter directly: “You know, Ivanka, that’s a beautiful photo of you and your child, but let me just say, one mother to another, do something about your dad’s immigration practices, you feckless cunt.”

Bee added: “He listens to you. Put on something tight and low-cut and tell your father to fucking stop it.”

Well, I'm sure she knew it would be calling Ivanka a "feckless cunt" that would get attention for what she was saying in the piece, something that is infinitely worse than using the "C" word.   The important question isn't whether or not she should have gone there - officially, I don't think I have the gender qualification to have an important opinion on that - it's whether or not having done it serves the clear purpose of doing it.   And I don't know. 

I do know that Jeff Sessions is probably in a permanent state of tumescence over his daily opportunity to play Simon Legree ripping Brown children away from their parents - every single thing Jeff Sessions does as Attorney General is to further white supremacy, everything, literally everything*.   He's probably looking forward to the day they can be sold as chattels.

So I'm reading that CNN has the vapors over Samantha Bee using THAT word. That would be CNN which has certainly played a role in reviving white supremacy especially when it had on Lou Dobbs pushing it every weeknight for years is in a swivet over that one word used to accurately berate Ivanka Trump who is the White, really blonde wash over the most racist presidency since the Wilson administration if not earlier, including many people who want to repeal the Civil War amendments and put people on the Supreme Court who are ideologically in favor of such a program. 

*  Including arresting as many Black and Brown and young people for having marijuana as possible.  He wants to incarcerate as a means of disenfranchisement, that has always been one of the pillars of white-supremacist, neo-Confederate strategy, especially in states with large Black populations who count for representation but whose rights can be given to white racists through disenfranchisement and vote suppression.  Republicans, right up to Maine's shameful fraud, Susan Collins are in on that one.  She was one of Sessions' biggest supporters even as the piece of racist crap openly perjured himself during his confirmation hearings.   The entire Republican Party is the party of racism and vote stealing. 


  1. I sort of think about a black comedian calling Bill Cosby the "N" word over his recent conviction and meaning it pretty much the way a white racist would.

    Some words, in other words, are probably best left unused.

    Lots of on-line anxiety about the "C" word, especially in the era of "Me Too." Probably not the best choice of words, but we have graver problems to contend with, like the current immigration policy.

  2. And now Bee has apologized. Controversy over, IMHO.

    Now, about immigrant families.....