Monday, May 28, 2018

He's The One Who's Qualified To Work At FOX

Simps is the one who not only worked for the Murdoch empire already, he's the one who is an active practitioner of the FOX style of,  um, "journalism," he's an habitual liar who continually  misrepresents what other people say. I don't think someone who is on record as saying Rupert Murdoch should be deported back to Britland and those who he lies about should be able to sue his properties into extinction and him into the flames of hell has the kind of qualifications to work for him as Simps does.   

I once started a blog, as can be seen on the left side panel that was named, Not All Atheists Are Assholes, but lots of them are complete A-holes.  Simels is one of those and so are so many others of the rump of regulars are at Eschaton.   Those are the kind of atheists I write about.  Apparently the shoe pinches. 

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