Friday, June 1, 2018

America Behind The Lyin' Curtain Is The Real Obscenity

As suspected would happen, whoever puts up the Youtubes from Samantha Bee's show took down the "feckless c***" segment of this week's show and, inexplicably, the other segments of the show.  Which is why I was hesitant to post the segment.  That's the down-side to posting Youtubes, they get taken down rather often. 

And as suspected, people aren't talking about the reason the estimable Samantha Bee felt it necessary to use the "C" word for the artificially flavored, sugar coating Ivanka Trump is on the rotting crap of her Daddums' criminal, fascist regime. 

I can understand why Samantha Bee did it, the policy is so obscene and the virtual non-response to it is incredibly enraging.  A real response would be something that stopped it.  Our great "free press" doesn't much mount those kinds of responses to Republican evil doing.  Even this level of the vilest of evil done of by and for the most revolting of white supremacy.  I am certain that history will look back on it and all involved, especially figures like John Kelly and Jefferson Beauregard Sessions will be as reviled as the most reviled figures in 19th century racism.  Racism has been one of their most reliable tools.

The fact of biology means that the United States is not going to be a white majority country for much longer.  But it is possible for the fascists, our own native variety of it, white supremacy, to game the goddamned Constitution set up to enable them to keep power that isn't rightly theirs.  Equality, equal justice under law is the enemy of Republicans.  And the media in its most respected and influential forms will support that use of the Constitution to enable the rich and white supremacy.  I mentioned CNN's outraged condemnation of Samantha Bee using that one word for years had Lou Dobbs on spewing racist, anti-Latino propaganda virtually every night for years.  The crop of racism and sexism we are burdened with today was sown, especially by the cabloid media and hate-talk radio, over the previous years and decades. 

Donald Trump as a public figure is entirely and completely a product of television, hate-talk radio and, to a minor extent, movies and print media.  His use of a vulgar celebrity style to prop up his semi-criminal to blatantly criminal series of business scams was his substance before he decided to use politics to further it.  And at every stage that has led to Trump in the office of the presidency, the media was there pushing him and his racist criminality with billions of dollars worth of free publicity.  And, again, it was the 24-7 cabloid world that was as big a part of that as the entertainment programming wing of NBC. 

The obscenity of Samantha Bee using the "C" word (which, I suspect, she expected would be bleeped) is as nothing compared to what all of the major TV networks, including PBS did to make Trump and his criminal regime possible.  That is a program of lying and promoting immorality, racism and sexism and greed and selfishness and everything that is exemplified in Trumpism.   It is the lyin' curtain that has fallen, blocking light and morality. 

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