Sunday, April 8, 2018

Sunday Night Radio Drama - Michael Z. Lewin - The Enemies Within

Albert Samson is a laconic, rather seedy, non-violent private detective from Indianapolis who in the month before Christmas - not a good time for private eyes - ' people try not to think about the things they hire detectives for. so they don't hire detectives' finds himself offered an apparently straightforward job. 

It's only when he becomes more interested in investigating his client that things become at first strange and then definitely bizarre. 

Albert Samson: Ed Bishop
Martin Willson: Blain Fairman
Melanie Kee: Liza Ross
Bartholomew: Paul Maxwell
Robert Goger: Peter Dyneley
Edmund Kee: Peter Marinker
Lt Miller: Peter Whitman
Insp Dowdell: Ramsay Williams
Rose Trull: Patricia Gallimore
Cop: Terry Molloy
Mrs Seale: Joyce Latham
Maureen: Denise Cartier
Jack: Roger Gartland

Directed By: Roger Pine.

I didn't know anything about Michael Z. Lewin or his detective Albert Samson before listening to this but I'll be looking him up at the library on Monday.  I'm not big on crime novels, especially the often silly super-hero, often formulaic hardboiled detective genre but I think I'm going to like Lewin's books.   I believe this is his own adaptation of his third Albert Samson novel for radio, he's apparently written a lot of radio dramas.  Interestingly, there are more of those available in German than in English right now.  I hope that changes.   There is a slight amount of aging of the social-political aspect of this play to 2018 ears but I can testify from experience that this is totally true to the time it was written, the 1970s.   It's quite good.

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