Friday, April 13, 2018

Scumbag Lawyer From Harvard

If someone writes an honest biography of Alan Dershowitz the title of it should be "Scumbag Lawyer From Harvard".

How is he any different from the other scumbag lawyers who appear on FOX, who the Republican-fascists, the billionaire oligarchs who run both the Republican party and so much of the media put forward as credible commentators?   I wonder if it's possible for the common consensus to withdraw the kind of cred that Dershowitz has been given, mostly on the basis of his PR operation and his celebrity lawyering and the kind of cred that people are given from association with the Ivy League universities.   He is certainly discreditable.   I'd have thought it would have happened when he endorsed torture - something related to his overriding career as water carrier for Israeli fascists.  But it didn't.    I'm beginning to think that long-lasting foreign interference in our politics is of a piece with Putin's, it hasn't been good for the United States* it hasn't been good for democracy in Israel, it certainly hasn't been good for the Palestinian People.

We've got to make a lot of changes, dumping any illusions about Alan Dershowitz and celebrity Ivy League TV lawyers is a small detail but a necessary one. 

* The worst thing about Dershowitz in the Trump regime is that Trump believes him as Dershowitz articulates on FOX an essentially fascist view of the American presidency.  I don't think that is at all unrelated to Dershowitz's propaganda for Israel as it devolves into fascism.   We don't owe that to Israel anymore than we do any other country.  How he can be considered any less sleazy than any of Trumps official lawyers, present and former, is entirely dependent on how he's treated in the media.  How anyone thinks he's different from the overt fascists who want to keep Trump in power with fascistic power is testimony to the power of PR.

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