Saturday, April 14, 2018

On The Strike In Syria

I doubt that Donald Trump decided to send missiles and bombs into Syria for any good reason, I doubt he does anything for any good reason or that it was thought out on the basis of anything but political and criminal expediency.   I don't think it would be possible to persuade any thinking person that it was unrelated to the raid on his fixer, Michael Cohen's office and the reports that there is an enormous amount of compromising information, probably exposing crimes and certainly corruption that is contained in what was taken away from Cohen's office.  And if it isn't going to be used by federal prosecutors it might well be used by those in New York State, that's all certainly a part of this.

I know some people who were saying earlier this week when Trump played tough-guy by warning the Putin regime that air strikes would be coming that he's sure that this is something Putin is directing to protect what must be one of his major assets in the world, his masterpiece of subversion of democracy,  Trump in the Oval Office.  That must be more valuable to Putin than than the Assad regime in Syria, I don't have any doubt that both he and Trump have any morals or principles or even scruples that would make them rise above that level of cynical, evil manipulation of American PR, no more than I did Bush II and Cheney in taking advantage of the TV induced post 9-11 patriotic lunacy that ended up with the invasion of Iraq.   Lacking that "trifecta" opportunity, this could well be Trump doing something on a smaller scale. 

It's still early hours into this, I doubt we will have any really accurate information about what the meaning of the strikes on Syria will accomplish.   But there is no need to wait to try to figure out what the Trump propaganda machine will make of it. 

If within the next few days Trump moves to shut down the Mueller investigation it will certainly be a part of a scheme in which the Syrian strikes are just a small part.   From what I read,  I conclude FOX and other fascist media are already spinning in that direction.  It is certainly how it's being spun by Trump's political operation, the largest part of his regime. 

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