Saturday, April 14, 2018

I Don't Know About His Lips Moving But I Do Know When His Fingers Type It's A Good Bet He's Lying

Stupid Steve Simels lies about what I said all the time.  I never said that about Elvis Presley, here's what I said here not even a year ago:

Go look at how Elvis Presley has turned into a neo-Confederate icon when, in life, he not only acknowledged the debt he owed to black musicians, he was, especially for his time and place, not at all what he was turned into.  He was hardly a liberal but he wasn't a white supremacist, either.  I never had much use for his music and even less for his movies and celebrity but I doubt he'd love the number of images you can buy with his face and name emblazoned on the American swastika, that Confederate battle flag.  

Of course, he does most of his lying at Duncan Black's blog where they don't care if something is true or a lie, they just care that it suits their pre-existing prejudices.   Not much different in that than the Trump stalwarts.  


  1. Oh, bullshit, Sparkles. You think all white rock musicians suck. That Elvis stuff you posted is sheer cosmetics. It's no more convincing than your claim that while you hate whiteboy rock but Springsteen is an exception because, you know, he isn't really whiteboy rock.

    1. You lied about what I'd said about Elvis Presley at Duncan Black's blog. I noted that Elvis ACKNOWLEDGED HIS DEBT TO BLACK MUSICIANS AND THAT HE WAS NOT A WHITE SUPREMACIST. That was the refutation of your lie about what I said on that little matter. I doubt you've ever not misrepresented what I said at Duncan's for going on a decade if not more. As I recall the first time you started doing that was when I criticized Obama and his first Sec. of Education as Ivy Leaguers who had never, in their entire life, set foot in a public school as a student, a parent of a student, a teacher or an administrator and you freaked out because I'd dissed the Ivy class. As I recall you claimed that I said that only the graduates of a community college was qualified for the job. I had, years before, concluded that you had a tenuous and unreliable connection to accuracy or truth or any value in anything but the crudest either this or that thinking. You are an idiot with a deformed sense of morality, neither of which are useful for any left that will not be a disaster. You weren't the first of those at Duncan's daycare for dotty duffers who led me to the conclusion that leftish libertarianism was really no alternative, Duncan's libertarianism was what started me down that path to clarity. I have watched him devolve into impotence and self-absorbed counterproductivity and almost all of the adults either less and less involved with his site or leaving it altogether. It's not something that is ever going to do much but waste the time of people who are inclined to waste their time.

      Consider yourself part of that change I talked of yesterday.