Friday, March 2, 2018

Hate Mail

I think it's rather hysterically funny that college credentialed idiots living in the lesser greater NYC area believe that there are no Jews living in the South West.  I've always said there were no more provincial people than those who spend their lives in the most over-rated metropolitan area of North America.  The stupidity of city life, or at least the mid-brow milieu of entertainment and fashion based erudition.   

Eschaton collects them.   Otherwise, it's just the kind of stupid stuff that people engaged in jr. high peer group activity do.  Nothing to do with me 


  1. I grew up in an East Texas town with a synagogue. It's still there.

    1. It's remarkable how many tiny place of worship endure without people noticing. In the town next to mine I'd thought that the Greek Orthodox church had closed down a half-century ago because their big old building had laid unused for a long time but I found out recently they've been having Divine Service in a tiny little building I hadn't known about most of that time. I suspect there are lots of synagogues around here that I wasn't aware of.