Tuesday, February 27, 2018

You Really Want To Go There Again? - Hate Mail

There is no "mind-body" problem, there is a "brain-only" problem. 

If the mind is not a product of the physical body, if the mind is not physical, there is no problem to how it could interact with the physical organs of the body that are knowable in physical terms because if the mind isn't physical it would have to have properties that can't be defined in terms of physical systems and their limits.  If there are non-physical entities they would have to have properties that aren't found within the limits of physical systems.  That we who define all such interactions in terms of the physical objects we experience with our minds can't describe such things is no barrier to their existence.  After all, we have no experience of physical things which describe things or experience things so we already have to deal with the reality of our own minds which can do those things. 

The "brain-only" problem is that there is no physical system that can begin to describe what we experience, not even in thinking about such "problems."  There are huge barriers to coming up with some kind of adequate explanation of our own consciousness and experience in terms of physical objects.  I spent a year asking people to describe how our brains would know a. that they needed to construct a new structure to "be" an idea, b. how to make the right structure to "be" an idea, c. how to know if it had made the right structure instead of a wrong one and d. how to make it all work right away, in real time before any structure to "be" that idea existed in the brain.  Add to that e. how can the atheist claims about such things do anything but totally impeach the significance of all human thought, including all of science, all of atheist ideological assertion.   I asked those questions in great detail for over a year and the atheists came up with nothing except to turn "DNA" and "natural selection" into magic words in lieu of an explanation. 

"The mind-body problem" is a meaningless slogan, it isn't a real problem except to atheists who don't like the fact that materialism is entirely inadequate to match peoples' experience of their own consciousness.   The biggest problem with it is that it corrodes liberalism by hollowing out its prerequisite holdings and for nothing because atheists can't overcome the problems that would make it plausible except to the gullible. 

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