Sunday, February 25, 2018

When Highly Placed People Call Out The Fascist Attack Baboons "More Speech" Isn't Worth Anything

Dana Loesch is just the latest figure on the Republican right who proves that when you sign on to people and groups with no morals, there's always room at the bottom.  I read somewhere that she's got some scriptural reference tattooed on her but that only goes to prove the old saying that even Satan will quote scripture, as when he tempted Jesus gain the world and lose his soul.  The Loesches of this world show that most people sell theirs for a lot less than that.   It's easy to tattoo a word some numbers and a colon on your arm, it' a lot harder to take the Law, the Prophets and the Gospel into your heart.  Especially when they're as hard as the ones people like Loesch have.

No doubt she will prosper materially even as she earns the disdain and loathing of tens of millions, but she's not alone.  The entire media operation of the right FOX, the Republican pundit class, the deranged hate-talk media is run on people who will lie and vilify people, attack the victims of mass shooters - what they're doing to the children who survived the school shooting in Florida, they've done to the survivors of other recent massacres, the parents of the kindergartners murdered in Connecticut, the survivors of the slaughter in Las Vegas.   And it's all allowed because "free speech - free press" is the only "right" that matters, even the right for the grieving survivors to advocate that future slaughters be stopped matters not at all to the Courts, to the professional "free speech" lawyers and flacks because the victims don't pay them, the media and other financial interests do. 

So the result is the ever lower bottom that ever lower minds feed on becomes the normal level of discourse in the United States.   I don't think that's unrelated to the ideological basis that gave us that position, the denial of the reality of morals, the denial that any democracy depends on the moral status of its people finding an expression in the laws and politics that govern it and those depend on very specific moral holdings, others won't produce it.   Among the foremost of those is that lies must be banned from public discourse and punished when they are told about individuals, that people have a right to stop people from lying about them and calling out attacks on them, either physical or by cyber-bullies. 

That this time one of the fascists egging on the fascist cyber-bullies is Donald Trump jr. only makes it more obvious that that "more speech" bull shit that we were told would work is just bull shit.  It always was,  the damned  civil liberties industry isn't going to defend anyone whose life is destroyed by the billionaires and their hired liars, it doesn't care about that.  They don't care how many people are destroyed and damaged, like in the old Tom Lehrer song, they figure that's not their department.

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