Monday, December 11, 2017

Hate Mail - It's So Funny When Superannuated Jr. High Style Bullies Try To Pull That Stuff

A. I don't get embarrassed about unimportant things because I don't care a bit about peer pressure, by the way, if you were my peer I'd try to disappear.

B  If you want to try to shame me you started out in the worst possible way by giving me every reason to have no respect for you. 

C. Do your worst, I don't care.  There's no one at Duncan's whose respect I want or would miss, there is no one there whose disdain is going to cost me a second of worry.   I mean, between the whining about movies v TV shows, bragging about what you're having for lunch, invading the privacy of your cats .... the kind of things you guys use those big brains you're always on about for. 

I did think the recent whine someone sent me about Moe being pissed off over the people who discovered that cave saying they used a dowsing rod to find the entrance to it.... well, they found it,  Moe didn't.  I don't think most of you could find your own asses without someone drawing a map.  What was the reporter supposed to do?  Suppress them saying it so as not to hurt Moe's scientistic-materialist sensibilities?   And him a journalist. It's the kind of thing that reinforces point C. above.  As it is, I don't think I'd classify spelunking as a science, more of a hobby. 

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