Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Do You Have To Have It Spelled Out For You?

Jack Benny:  I know this is awful sudden, Marilyn, but will you marry me?

Marilyn Monroe: Marry you?   But look at the difference in our ages!

J.B.  Well, there isn't much difference, Marilyn,  You're 25 and I'm 39. 

M.M.  Yes!  But what about 25 years from now?   When I'm 50 and you're 39?

Jack Benny:   Gee,  I never thought of that.  

I was tempted to post the video from Youtube but I'm sure it will be lost on the idiots who troll me that Jack Benny was making fun of male conceit and ego in his daydream of being with Marilyn Monroe.   I'm sure it would be taken the wrong way because even TV comedy of that era depended too much on it's audience knowing something.   She was a great comic actress too, such a tragedy. 

Update:  I adored Jack Benny, anyone who didn't love Jack Benny has no soul. 

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