Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Halsey Stevens - Magnificat

The Good News Singers of Los Angeles, performed on February 17, 1973 at the Wilshire Ebell Theater in Los Angeles. Kent Kimball, conductor. Rob Skinell, trumpet. Becky Edwards, piano. Sopranos: Claudia Haynes, Norma Krummel, Peggy Schmid. Altos: Valerie Loskota, Gail Ferris, Becky Edwards. Tenors: Charles Bunnell, Hayden Jones, Rob Skinell. Basses: Mark Stevens, Huey Weatherby, Darrel Estel.

Text in English

The conductor of this performance posted it, I like how he gave full credit to everyone, wish they did that more often.  I also like how Halsey Stevens and his wife were acknowledged at the end of the recording.

Halsey Stevens was a very good composer and scholar, probably most known for his biography of Bela Bartok and editor of a collection of his letters.   You can, at times, hear the influence of Bartok but Stevens' style was always original enough so that you could hear his music was his own.   I wish people recorded more of his many choral works because those I've seen and the few I've read through are very fine. 

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