Sunday, December 10, 2017

Answer To Some Snark From The Usual Horses Asses

A.  You read my blog, you have to put up with the results of my limited visual acuity.  I don't see well and seeing well is a lot more important for editing than for writing.   I never promised you any more than I deliver. 

B.  The only English accents I really can't stand are upper class Brit received standard pronunciation - like Richard Dawkins has, the kind of old-line American, mid-atlantic ruling class accent you hardly ever hear anymore - trying to think of a current example, Katrina Vanden Heuvel is about the closest I can think of, off hand -  and, for reasons I can't fathom at all, New Zealand.   I didn't even realize that until a couple of months ago. 

I occasionally listen to Radio New Zealand for the content - some of which is very good - and for the drama, a bit of which I've posted, but for some reason I just can't not dislike the accent.  

Maybe it's because I now associate New Zealand with Peter Thiel who is such a massive a-hole.  If I ran the place, I'd exclude him on the basis of sociopathy.  I don't remember being too annoyed when, on the rare occasions I could get them in on shortwave, I heard more about the price of butter on their shortwave service than I ever did anywhere else. 

Of course, coming from Maine and sounding like it, who am I to talk?  Though you've never heard my voice or my accent.  Who are you, to?  

C. As to the snark about "is Maine even a real state?"  Where is it you come from?  Wisconsin, as I recall?  Or was it Michigan?  Yeah, the lefties in those states really have it together, don't they.   I just read that Wisconsin under the fascist thugs you've got as governor and in the legislature are about to impose mandatory drug testing on food stamp recipients.  We've blocked that, for the most part, here. 

Oh, and about those accents, there is the "Canadian dainty" accent but I've only heard that used to make fun of it or for villains in Canadian TV shows.   It doesn't bother me in that context. 

Update:  OK, I found this piece at the CBC website where you can hear examples of "Canadian Dainty" including Lorne Green when he was a radio announcer.  They point out the similarities to the kind of accent that Katherine Hepburn used in her movies, (no doubt how Cary Grant fit so well into the movies of the period, he'd had to learn that way to talk like a swell) what I mentioned about "mid-atlantic ruling class" accents.   They point out that Canadian Dainty is dying out, that it started dying out after the war as people got tired of the old ruling class.   Now we've got a more openly crude and vulgar ruling class that's just as bad.   

Update 2:  New Dictionary Entry 


2.   A blog on a blue background featuring minimal content for conceited people who can't read, 2002.

Update 3:  You horses ass, you didn't know Cary Grant was a conservative Republican?   Here's his last on camera appearance, reading a message from his good buddy Ronald Reagan to American Nazi... uh "conservative" Clint Eastwood. 

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